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JIRA Administration Audit trail / notifications


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      Atlassian Update - August 2023

      We are closing this ticket (JRACLOUD-3157) in favour of more specific feature requests.
      Please see full explanation in the comment here.

      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update – 14 January 2019

      Hi everyone,

      For Jira Cloud, we have implemented a number of the audit log requests on the original description, including notification schemes and custom fields. While adding additional Jira-specific events to the Jira audit log is not on our roadmap, we will keep this ticket open to announce if new events are added in the future.

      For our cloud products broadly, we are working to add a richer set of audit logs to for Atlassian cloud administration and Atlassian Access features in order to provide better visibility into administration activities across all of our cloud products. We are focused on addressing ACCESS-577, and then expanding into additional insights into Atlassian account changes, app installations, site and billing changes across all the products in use at your organization.

      Dave Meyer
      Atlassian Product Management

      Original request description

      We have many Jira Administrators - at least one per project.
      In a way, this is due to a missing level of administration (JRA-3156) - but regardless of that fact, its necessary to know which administrator did what & when - we need to have an audit trail of Administrator actions. In some cases, we need to have notifications - or have additional information in existing notifications detail who the administrator was that performed this action.

      Currently, the problems we have experienced are:

      1. A user is created, but we dont know by who. Sometimes, we see a user that isnt meant to exist e.g. "testUser" - but we dont know who to contact to get rid of it.
        Sometimes the user themselves have a problem logging on, getting access to their project etc - and it would be useful for them to contact the administrator that created their account rather - therefore it would be useful to have this info in an audit trail, so we can find out who it is - or better still, have this information in the email sent out (JRA-2555)
      2. A default notification scheme is changed - affecting all projects - and we dont know who did it (we want to know who did it so we can ask them not to do that again) (done)
      3. A global custom field is added (usually by mistake) - affecting all projects - and we dont know who did it (We want to know who did it so we can remove it - and ask them not to do that again) (done)
      4. A new issue type is added - affecting all projects - and we dont know who did it (we want to know who did it so we can discuss using an existing issue type - or discuss the addition of a new type so that it makes sense to more projects)
      5. A user we dont know about is given jira-administrator priveledges. Given the fact that this new user may not know very much about how to administer Jira - and they can go on to do the things mentioned above, then we need to know about this. We need to contact the administrator who did it and ask them not to do it again. We need to contact the new jira-administrator and make sure they know what they are doing! (done)
      6. Someone turns unnassigned issues "on" and all of a sudden Project Leads stop getting notifications for new issues on their project. We need to know who did it, so we can break their legs .
      7. Currently, in the audit logs of JIRA, it does not cover changes done in the screen scheme section, or screens in JIRA Administration. We are then unable to find out who performed changes there.
      8. Currently, the Audit Logs of Jira doesn't cover "Time Tracking" Global Settings changes. Such as Site-Admin changes the format from Hours to Days. This is not recorded in the Audit logs and all of a sudden the Jira Issue's Time Tracking fields change the way they show Original Estimates, Time Tracking, etc.
      9. There is no Audit log for the changes to Default "Priority" on the Global Priority Settings. An Admin can change the Default Priority from Medium to Low and the next created Issues take that priority by default.
      10. Audit log doesn't capture "Issue Collectors" that are deleted from JIRA Projects
      11. Currently, the Audit Logs of Jira doesn't cover changes made to the filter. Creating multiple filters, changing the filter owner and modifying filters in the Jira Software. None of these activities is reflected in the audit log
      12. Audit logs does not show changes made by Add-ons. Example custom fields created on addition of TEMPO does not log into Jira audit logs.

      These have been the main ones that have bitten us.

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