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Audit information about who installed (free) marketplace app



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      Issue Summary

      The customer wants to know who installed a free Jira add-on (plugin) on his site. The add-on was added a long time ago and logs didn't find anything in regard to them. Our audit logs in Jira UI only go back 90 days as well.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Cassi nor ADA shows information about the free plugins;
      2. Splunk also don't show any information about the plugins;
      3. Audit logs in Jira UI only go back 90 days
      4. We were not able to find the audit information asked by the customer;

      Expected Results

      Customer should be able to see who installed the app (no matter how long ago it was installed) in the UI.
      I'm not sure if this would be expected, but would be very helpful if we can track the plugin information in CASSI/ADA as well, even if the plugin is not billable.

      Actual Results

      ADA and Cassi don't show any information in regard to free add-ons(plugins). The app audit logs go back to 90 days so no info in the UI


      So far no workaround was found to provide such information to the customer.


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