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Provide an outgoing email logs



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Product update 7th February, 2022

      Hello all, 

      Thank you as always for your feedback and I am sorry for the frustration that you are feeling around this feature.

      I assure you that this issue is being tracked, we are listening to your comments, and we are discussing its resolution internally (you are welcome to contact me if you wish to express further concerns bpaton at atlassian dot com).

      As you might appreciated there are an infinite amount of thing that can be, and need to be done for a product of this size. Unfortunately we cannot do everything at once, and we have to make difficult prioritisation decisions. Our focus for email has been around addressing known issues with sending and receiving (e.g. Google/Microsoft inbox update, DMARC support for custom email domains, attachments in email notification). I acknowledge that outbound logging will help identify these issue sooner, but we deemed it more important to address the causes of failures first.

      I do not have an exact date for when this project will begin. It is currently not planned for this financial year (ending June 2022). As we approach planning for the next FY, it will be a hot topic of discussion, and I can provide another update then.



      Problem Description

      Currently, there is no way to track every mail notification sent out by JIRA Service Desk to customers and it would be great to have such a feature.

      Suggested Resolution

      Provide an outgoing mail logs so that users can track if some emails are not sent out to certain customers.


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