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Provide an Audit Log for Deleted Issues in JIRA



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      From time to time users notice that issues have been deleted, and would like to be able to see who deleted the issue, and when it was deleted.

      Suggested Solution

      Provide an audit log for Issue Deletion.

      Further possible outcome: Allow for deleted issues to be restored.


      There are a few workarounds here:

      1. First is to use Webhooks, Then you can audit all the changes you need to even select some of them.
      2. Second is to go to the instance home page at https://INSTANCE_NAME.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa then scroll down, you will see the activity stream which has a RSS.
      3. We can build this rule below to send a notification with information about the deleted issue in the future, using the Automation for Jira, a native feature in Jira. Follow these steps to access the Automation for Jira: Jira >> settings >> System >> Automation rules

      Email information to add in the rule:

      Issue deleted {{issue.key}} - {{issue.summary}}
      This issue was deleted.
      Issue Key: {{issue.key}} 
      Summary: {{issue.summary}}
      Description: {{issue.description}}
      Who delete the issue: {{initiator.displayname}}

      You can have this email sent to a mailbox that you could go back to when you want to identify who deleted an issue. 


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