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Allow further customization for date and date/time field (that's not limited to locale)



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      In the old issue view, admin has more options to customize the date and date/time fields. This includes making displaying date/time in 12hr/24hr format, and having Monday as your first day of the week, displaying seconds, etc. In the new view, the view and display of these fields are limited to the setup of a customer's locale.

      In the old view, such further flexibility can be achieved via Advanced admin property which customize the edit experience at Admin level(https://date-time.jira-dev.com/secure/admin/*AdvancedApplicationProperties.jspa*) and the look and feel setting which customize the view experience at admin level (Link https://date-time.jira-dev.com/secure/admin/*LookAndFeel!default.jspa*)


      additional points from customer feedback:

      • Please have one setting to configure the date/time settings in New Issue View so that one change should update the date/time across all fields & places in the JIra Cloud site.
      • Please ensure that the setting enables the admin to select ISO 8601 format for German & other languages. Currently in New Issue View, we cannot set it to ISO 8601 format.


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