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Sub-task JSWCLOUD-20914

JSWCLOUD-17392 Raise the limit options in a dropdown or checkbox fields on Next-gen/team-managed projects

Unassigned Celso J   Closed Won't Fix 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-20907

JSWCLOUD-17392 Keyboard Shortcuts are like next and previous issue/activity not working in next-gen project

Unassigned subbu (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 18
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-20903

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to edit the Tempo Account field in NextGen projects

Unassigned Ryan Shepherd   Closed Fixed 68
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-20518

JSWCLOUD-17392 Canceled or Won't Do option for next-gen projects

Emily Chan (Inactive) Maria P. Low Closed Duplicate 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18985

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to show the count of the issues in an epics in the Epic panel

Unassigned Ratnarup Low Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18973

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen project template does not support Zephyr Test issue type

Abhinaya Sinha Shakiru Ayanloye (Inactive)   Closed Done 197
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18895

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen Board allow ordering of epics

Emily Chan (Inactive) Stephen Austen   Closed Done 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18798

JSWCLOUD-17392 Nex Gen Project View : Stories, Tasks, and Subtasks should be included in Roadmap view

Unassigned Nishanth Sridharan   Closed Duplicate 62
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18753

JSWCLOUD-17392 Show Release dates in Roadmap

Unassigned Earl McCutcheon Low Closed Duplicate 8
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18664

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add Versions and Epics panel on next-gen backlog

Emily Chan (Inactive) Angélica Luz Low Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18653

JSWCLOUD-17392 Hidden Time Tracking field is showing from Mobile Apps for Next Gen Project

Unassigned Syauqi (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18643

JSWCLOUD-17392 When migrating between next-gen and classic projects Epic links info is lost and instead conversion should automatically maintain this data link between project types

Emily Chan (Inactive) Andy Heinzer Low Closed Fixed 7
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18555

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to Change the Project Lead of next-gen project

Unassigned Prince N   Closed Duplicate 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18529

JSWCLOUD-17392 Roadmap reordering broken

Benjamin Morgan Syauqi (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18479

JSWCLOUD-17392 Permission to restrict creating new projects to only next-gen

Unassigned Sharon Tan Low Closed Answered 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18115

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow nextgen project issues to link to parent or epic

Emily Chan (Inactive) Kirk Dacosta   Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18093

JSWCLOUD-17392 Enable right-click option on cards for next-gen projects

Willow Yang (Inactive) Daniel Woo Low Closed Fixed 5
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18092

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow multi-select option of cards in next-gen projects

Unassigned Daniel Woo Low Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18075

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen project backlog - filter by custom fields

Emily Chan (Inactive) Ryan Richardson   Closed Duplicate 12
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18072

JSWCLOUD-17392 Show the Parent epic of a (child) issue when exporting a CSV file (or populate the 'Epic Link' column)

Unassigned Matthew East   Closed Fixed 13
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18060

JSWCLOUD-17392 When using the group by subtasks in a next-gen board, stories with subtasks no longer show their column status nor ID #

Willow Yang (Inactive) Fábio W. [Atlassian] Low Closed Fixed 12
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-18018

JSWCLOUD-17392 Individual setting for "Group by" on next-gen boards

Henry Su Sharon Tan Low Closed Done 84
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17996

JSWCLOUD-17392 Hide Done Epics in Roadmap

Pete Morris Adven   Closed Done 367
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17964

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like to set the default value for the description field

Unassigned Fábio W. [Atlassian] Low Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17930

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to modify next-gen project roles

Unassigned Michael Stevens   Closed Fixed 4
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17912

JSWCLOUD-17392 Create a Board from an existing NextGen project

Emily Chan (Inactive) Syauqi (Inactive) Low Closed Duplicate 2
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17755

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen board - Completed Epics are still listed on Epic filter.

Unassigned Adalberto Schneider   Closed Fixed 13
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17738

JSWCLOUD-17392 Filtering roadmap by certain texts or assignee

Emily Chan (Inactive) Ai Hirama   Closed Done 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17726

JSWCLOUD-17392 Extend amount of colours available for epics

Erika Sa (Inactive) Bree Davies Low Closed Fixed 107
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17721

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to create workflow triggers on Next-Gen projects

Unassigned Caio Low Closed Fixed 83
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17713

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen status values

Unassigned Sheila Eckert   Closed Answered 2
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17708

JSWCLOUD-17392 Sprint report in Next-gen

Ivan Teong Jiri Bartl   Closed Done 18
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17664

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I want to be able to be able to see past sprints information in the Sprint field

Unassigned Caio   Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17604

JSWCLOUD-17392 Issue sorting on Backlog should match Roadmap sorting

Henry Su Belto   Closed Fixed 52
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17590

JSWCLOUD-17392 In the new Next-gen project type, changing Epics order should "adjust" to their new position

Emily Chan (Inactive) Gabriele Franck   Closed Done 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17526

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like that the Epic order from Roadmap is reflected on the board swimlane

Henry Su Douglas B (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 6
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17523

JSWCLOUD-17392 hide issues from board at 14 days since their resolution

Unassigned Claudiu Lionte (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 35
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17515

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to Show the Status Id of next-gen project via REST API endpoint

Rachit Sachdeva (Inactive) Prince N   Closed Fixed 5
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17503

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I want to have the Issues and Filters menu available inside Next-Gen Projects

Unassigned Caio Low Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17498

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to add a default assignee in next-gen project

Arjoon Som Ratnarup Low Closed Fixed 38
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17496

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like to be able to use Next-Gen custom field form the basic search

Unassigned Douglas B (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 4
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17479

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a Jira Software user, I want to be able to see the Epic information from next-gen projects in the search view

Unassigned Heitor T (Inactive) Low Closed Tracked Elsewhere 59
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17469

JSWCLOUD-17392 Show the status of the ticket on Next-Gen Backlog

Unassigned Angélica Luz Low Closed Fixed 44
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17453

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add support for project categories to Next Gen projects

Unassigned Robert Whelton Highest Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17452

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to create a Kanban board from Multiple Nextgen projects

Emily Chan (Inactive) Mohamed Faiz (Inactive) Highest Closed Duplicate 17
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17448

JSWCLOUD-17392 User picker - Next Gen project

Unassigned Jasper Van de Weyer Highest Closed Duplicate 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17447

JSWCLOUD-17392 Time Tracking not available for Next-Gen Software Projects

Unassigned Shwetha Suvarna Highest Closed Done 329
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17443

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add issues to the Scrum board directly with the next-gen project

Unassigned Mohamed Faiz (Inactive) Highest Closed Duplicate 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17442

JSWCLOUD-17392 Option to Drill Down in Next-Gen Roadmap

Unassigned hylz (Inactive) Highest Closed Done 44
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17440

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a Jira Software user, I want to be able to search issues related to Next-Gen projects' epics

Unassigned Heitor T (Inactive) Highest Closed Duplicate 64
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17439

JSWCLOUD-17392 Feature to add watchers in Next-Gen projects

Unassigned Shakiru Ayanloye (Inactive) Highest Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17436

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a Jira next-gen user, I want to archive/hide issue manually from board

Unassigned Lukáš Pikora Highest Closed Duplicate 1
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17435

JSWCLOUD-17392 To be able to sort the epic in the next-gen project

Emily Chan (Inactive) Shwetha Suvarna Highest Closed Done 52
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17433

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add people-based custom field in to types Next-Gen projects

Unassigned Lee Salter Highest Closed Done 1
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17431

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen projects lack time tracking field

Unassigned Bartłomiej Jańczak [SoftwarePlant] Highest Closed Duplicate 1
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17429

JSWCLOUD-17392 To be able to Clone projects

Unassigned Shwetha Suvarna   Closed Duplicate 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17419

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-Gen: Epic field for Stories and Tasks

Unassigned Triin Uudam   Closed Duplicate 4
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17417

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow issue fields (addon's predefined custom fields) for next-gen

Abhinaya Sinha Fernando Boucquez (PPL)   Closed Fixed 2
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17409

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-Gen Projects: Have the options to display stories in road-map

Erika Sa (Inactive) Tal Levi   Closed Fixed 45
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17406

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to add versions to next-gen projects

Unassigned Ratnarup   Closed Duplicate 312
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17360

JSWCLOUD-17392 Show priority icon on cards when using Next-Gen projects

Unassigned Angélica Luz   Closed Duplicate 7
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17352

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like to have the ability to export roadmap on Next-Gen projects

Unassigned Douglas B (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17335

JSWCLOUD-17392 Customisable Functionality to archive issues in the Done column.

Ivan Teong Adalberto Schneider   Closed Done 86
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17333

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add "Versions" feature to Next-gen Projects

Unassigned Belto   Closed Duplicate 8
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17331

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add "Board settings" to next-gen projects

Unassigned Angélica Luz   Closed Duplicate 656
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17328

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like to have the ability to create an issue inside the sprint at the Next-Gen project

Unassigned Douglas B (Inactive)   Closed Done 2
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17323

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a project administrator, I want to be able to define and change a Project Lead in a next-gen project type

Arjoon Som Gabriele Franck   Closed Fixed 541
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17317

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow apps to create and retrieve links between epics and stories via API in next-gen projects

Unassigned Anne Calantog   Closed Fixed 15
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17311

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to use Free Text Field on next-gen projects

Unassigned Angélica Luz   Closed Duplicate 15
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17295

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to hide issues from next-gen boards.

Ivan Teong Adalberto Schneider   Closed Fixed 119
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17290

JSWCLOUD-17392 Clonning issue do not copy its attachments.

Emily Chan (Inactive) Lukáš Pikora   Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17282

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a Jira Software user, I want to be able to see issues from different projects in the backlog / scrum board, in next-gen projects

Eoin Alberto Morales   Closed Duplicate 28
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17266

JSWCLOUD-17392 Custom fields for Next-gen project

Unassigned Yahya (Inactive) Highest Closed Done 77
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17264

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow the use of project categories in next-gen projects

Unassigned Gabriele Franck   Closed Done 15
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17263

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen custom fields cannot be migrated to classic projects.

Unassigned Adalberto Schneider   Closed Duplicate 0
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17260

JSWCLOUD-17392 Release option in Next-Gen projects

whammy VR   Closed Done 932
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17258

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to configure the notification recipients

Arjoon Som Ting (Chiou Ting Teh)   Closed Fixed 29
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17257

JSWCLOUD-17392 Next-gen project backlog - filter for completed issues.

Ivan Teong Adalberto Schneider   Closed Done 275
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17256

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add Versions to Next-Gen projects

Unassigned jim0thy   Closed Duplicate 4
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17255

JSWCLOUD-17392 Add feature for Parallel Sprints in Next-gen board

Unassigned Adven   Closed Duplicate 4
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17239

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I'd like to be able to use JQL for Epic Link for Next-Gen project epics

Nathan Sturgess (Inactive) Douglas B (Inactive)   Closed Done 602
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17229

JSWCLOUD-17392 Show Epic Link field on Next-Gen Issue Screens

Unassigned Joe   Closed Duplicate 7
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17214

JSWCLOUD-17392 Enable Roadmap for "classic" project

Pete Morris Timothée Quesada   Closed Fixed 2132
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17210

JSWCLOUD-17392 Allow apps to integrate with next-gen boards

Unassigned Anne Calantog   Closed Fixed 13
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17208

JSWCLOUD-17392 Customers are unable to reopen or delete completed sprints in team-managed projects

Mark Z (Inactive) Gabriele Franck   Closed Fixed 446
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17206

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to create next-gen projects should not be enabled for 'anyone' by default

Unassigned Vincent Chin (Inactive)   Closed Won't Fix 1
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17198

JSWCLOUD-17392 Change the color of an Epic in a Next-Gen project

Eoin Scott Theus   Closed Fixed 102
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17159

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to manage permissions in next-gen projects

Abhinaya Sinha Yahya (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 107
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17157

JSWCLOUD-17392 Ability to manage notifications in Next-gen projects

Arjoon Som Yahya (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 602
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17155

JSWCLOUD-17392 No option to add a issue type "sub-task" for next-gen projects

Eoin VR   Closed Fixed 406
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17152

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a user, I only want 1 story points field, shared between classic and next-gen

Emily Chan (Inactive) Belto   Closed Duplicate 17
Sub-task JSWCLOUD-17150

JSWCLOUD-17392 As a Jira Software user, I want to be able to add existing stories to epics in Next-Gen (Agility) projects from the issue view

Unassigned Heitor T (Inactive)   Closed Fixed 28