Atlassian status as of June 2020

      Hello all,

      We have recently introduced the epic panel in next gen projects! With this capability, you can order your epics by dragging and dropping epics around in the panel. The same order will be reflected in your roadmap and board.

      To learn more and/or provide feedback about the epic panel, read our community post here.

      Thank you,
      Emily Chan
      Product Manager, Atlassian.

      When grouping by Epics on the next-gen board, there is no way to reorder the Epics.  This makes it impossible for the dev teams to know which is the 'next Epic off the rank' when picking up new work.

      If you could sort the Epics on the board, that would solve the problem.

      Ideally, there would be some link between the Roadmap and the Jira board.  However, there are cases where roadmaps overlap, making the Epic sequencing unclear.  Hence, the primary ask here is to allow the Epics to be at least manually movable on the Jira board.


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