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      Atlassian status as of October 2020

      Hello all,

      Thank you very much for voting, watching, and/or commenting on this ticket. We appreciate the huge amount of feedback, not just from customers who came directly to this ticket themselves, but also from customers who reached out to our support teams with questions or problems and were then directed to this ticket.

      “Board settings” is a very broad problem to solve because, by itself, it doesn’t tell us what exactly customers are trying to configure. Hence, we have read through all the comments here and from tickets raised through our support team. We’ve found that there are several different, specific settings that customers would like to configure, but they have been all broadly amalgamated into the term “board settings”. The settings that have been specifically requested from the comments are:

      • the ability to define working days in a project: JSWCLOUD-17773
      • the ability to find out how many days a card has been in a column: JSWCLOUD-20809
      • the ability to use colours to quickly identify cards: JSWCLOUD-17277
      • the ability to choose which labels appear on cards in the board/backlog: JSWCLOUD-17450
      • the ability to choose which fields appear on cards in the board/backlog: JSWCLOUD-17336
      • the ability to create Components in next-gen projects: JSWCLOUD-17601
      • the ability to have multiple boards in a next-gen project: JSWCLOUD-17371
      • the ability to have a board with issues from multiple projects (including issues from next-gen projects): JSWCLOUD-17444
      • the ability to create templates to be used when creating next-gen projects: JSWCLOUD-17982
      • the ability to create a new status without creating a column (coming really soon!): JSWCLOUD-17434
      • the ability to set limits on the number of issues in a column (you can do this now)

      Each of these settings, except the last one, have an existing ticket associated with it. Kindly vote/watch/comment the specific settings that are relevant to you. If you feel the settings you are looking for aren’t listed above, kindly tell us about it. Meanwhile, we will close this ticket.

      Again, thank you for your feedback and patience.

      Emily Chan

      Currently, due to the restrictions next-gen projects has, we can't change Working days, card colors, layout, columns issue limits, for example.
      It would be good if we could have the option to change these simple settings on next-gen projects.


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