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Next-gen project template does not support Zephyr Test issue type


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      Status Update

      This issue has been solved. As mentioned in THIS COMMENT:

      [...] we now have full support for the Jira Next Gen Project.

      You can learn more by referencing our documentation here


      If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to submit it in our feedback form

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      Problem Definition

      The test issue type provided by the Zephyr is currently not supported in Jira Agility template. Since issue types can be configured on the agility template then the Zephyr Test issue type should also be compatible with the template for users who are already familiar with it.

      Suggested Solution

      Allow the Test issue type provided by Zephyr to be available in the agililty template

      Why this is important

      • For users who are already familiar with the Test issue type to use this with the agility project

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