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As a user, I only want 1 story points field, shared between classic and next-gen


      Atlassian status as of June 2020

      Hello all,
      Thank you for watching, voting, and commenting on this ticket.
      We understand that having the two fields that are conceptually the same thing is easily confusing and an undesirable experience.
      As this ticket is a duplicate of JSWCLOUD-17173, we are closing this ticket so that we can aggregate the feedback on a single ticket.
      Emily Chan
      Product Manager, Atlassian.

      P.S.: if you’d like to understand the cause that led us to having these two fields, please see this earlier comment.


      The Story points field appear as Story point estimate in the new issue view.


      These are still 2 different fields, the naming just appears differently for sites with the new Story point estimate field enabled.

      Also, from JSWCLOUD-17173:

      By default and part of the rollout for the Estimation for Next-Gen projects, Jira now has two Story Points field.

      1. Story Points
      2. Story points estimate
      id customfieldtypekey cfname
      10015 com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:float Story point estimate
      10021 com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:float Story Points

      The default field that is used by Jira classic projects is the field Story Points.

      If you, when using the Jira old view, add the Story point estimate (Next-Gen estimation) field and assign the number for the story point, this field does not work and the number is not displayed on the cards or at the new issue view or in the reports.


      Edit the issue view screen for the project and remove the un-necessary field.

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