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No option to add a issue type "sub-task" for next-gen projects


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      UPDATED: Sub-tasks are now available for most customers. You can learn more about it by reading this blogpost: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Next-gen-articles/Introducing-subtasks-to-work-breakdown-in-next-gen/ba-p/1105389.

      Please note that we have rolled out subtasks to almost all instances and we are in the process of completing the remainder of the rollout. If you are unable to add the subtask issue type, then don't worry it's coming very soon to your instance.

      Problem Definition

      The customer does not have an option to add an issue type: Sub-task in the current set of Next-gen projects.
      The customer can create a custom issue type Sub-task, however, this does not solve the purpose of it.

      Suggested Solution

      Currently, there are no direct solutions as such, customers will have to create a non Next-gen project to use issue type Sub-task in their projects


      As next-gen project focuses on providing an easier experience to get started, please consider using classic project.

      Refer to the document Migrate between next-gen and classic projects if you have some tickets on next-gen and need to migrate them to classic project.

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