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Ability to Show the Status Id of next-gen project via REST API endpoint


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      Problem Definition
      Currently, when using this URL https://your-domain.atlassian.net/rest/api/3/status/ while logged in to list all the different Statusus configured on a Jira Cloud Instance, it only returns the Statusus and Status ID of Projects associated to "Classic Project" where that of the next-gen project is not visible. So if implementing a use case of the REST API endpoint that retrieves user's ticket with their specific Status id, it becomes difficult to know which id is associated to next-gen project.

      Suggested Solution
      Include the next-gen status id as well to the Status search API endpoint so it is displayed when searched.

      Why this is important
      As the next-gen project is a future agile project management tool, it would be good if development options to work with the next-gen project are easily available.

      Use the Status URL search https://your-domain.atlassian.net/rest/api/3/status/ while logged in your Jira Cloud Instance to list all the Status id, see the last id of the status listed, then perform a JQL search via the UI in Issue navigator search of the next number after the last id seen to determine which status id belongs to that of next-gen project. Example if the last Status id is 10039, perform a search via the UI for 10040 until you determine which Status falls under next-gen projects as the issues will be listed.

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