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Allow nextgen project issues to link to parent or epic


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      Atlassian status as of August 2020

      Hello all,

      Thank you for watching and voting on this ticket.

      Parent links are now visible in the top left corner of the Issue Details view. You are also able to view child issues in the view. Example screenshots:

      When you are moving an epic to another project and the epic has child issues, you would get a prompt asking if you would like to move the child issues along with the epic. Likewise, if you are moving an issue and it has a parent issue, then you will get a warning to tell you that the issue will lose its parent link. Example screenshots:

      We are closing this ticket as resolved. If you feel this issue hasn’t been fully addressed, kindly tell us more about your use case.

      Thank you,

      Emily Chan

      Product Manager, Atlassian.


      Parent Link, Epic Name and Parent link fields should be populated in the Issue Details view for issues in next-gen projects.


      Currently it's possible to create Epics and issues, then to create child issues, but those relationships are not shown in the Issue Details View.  But revisiting the issue, one can see that the child issue is attached to its parent

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