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Epic link gets removed when moving an epic from a "classic" project to a "next-gen" project



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      Atlassian Update - 23 Nov 2018

      Epics behave slightly differently in next-gen projects and this is one example of that. We are formalizing an issue hierarchy in next-gen projects (where we will have parent/child relationships) rather than using epic links. This will facilitate some cool stuff int he future around reporting and roll up estimation. Unfortunately in the short term, it means when you move issues to next-gen projects you will need to manually assign these issues to the relevant epic.

      It's important to note the epic link has not actually been removed in the background- it's just not visible and is not useful within the context of the next-gen project. If you were to move your issues back to a classic project, for example, you would not lose this linkage. Although the 'Epic Name' and 'Epic Colour' custom fields would be lost.

      In the future, as we build out the next-gen projects, we will provide an automated mechanism to create the new parent/child relationship based on the epic link but it just isn't something we have got to yet. We apologize we didn't make this clear earlier. We have updated our docs in an attempt to clarify how epics behave when migrating projects. You can review the docs from this page.




      When an epic from a non next-Gen project is moved to a next-Gen project, the association is removed. All issues associated with the epics will no longer be linked to the epic

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Have 2 projects (Next-gen and non next-gen)
      2. Create an Epic from a non Next-gen project
      3. Add a child issue to the epic
      4. Move the epic to the next-gen project

      Expected Result

      Epic link remains. The issues are still linked with the epic in the next-gen project even after the move. OR have a better communication around this so user would be aware of this prior to the move.

      Actual Result

      Epic link is lost


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