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Reduce JIRA email chatiness



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Atlassian Update – 11 August 2022

      Hi everyone,

      This is Irene from the Jira team. We are aware that this ticket hasn’t been updated for a very long time. We wanted to let you know that we’re still working on improvements to notifications, to reduce the overall noise you receive.

      I would like to start by sharing a few improvements we’ve shipped since the last update. The first is ‘batching' (email grouping). Batching of notifications means notifications from the same issue that are generated within a certain timeframe are grouped together and delivered in a single email. This reduces the number of emails you receive from a single Jira issue. Since this feature was shipped, email notifications from Jira have been reduced by 30%.

      We have read your comments and concerns; I’ll try to address them all here:

      • Batching limitation: Currently, batching isn’t available for instances where custom domains and custom ‘from email’ are used.
      • Batching timeframe: You might wait between 3-10 minutes for the issue update email to arrive, with the exception of Mentions and Issue Assigned which they will be sent immediately.

      Read more about batching and timeframe here.

      Other improvements shipped were:

      We know that, for some customer instances, this 30% reduction in email notifications and the notifications configuration still aren’t enough to reduce the noise in your inbox adequately. Particularly if you are met with the batching limitations above.

      But we want to let you know we’re working on it.

      We've kickstarted a mega project:

      • Enabling notification batching for custom domains and custom ‘from email’
      • Bringing email and push notifications together onto the same platform
      • Building greater user configuration, giving you more control over how and when you receive notifications.

      While we don’t have a specific timeline for the delivery, we will update the status here when we have additional details.

      In the meantime, here are some resources about notification configuration that Jira currently offers:



      Irene Ongkowidjaja


      Original request description

      I would like to suggest the following imoprovments to the email notification:

      1. Have the ability to configure the notifcation period (eg. 10 minutes). Then every period the outstanding notifcations are proccessed and sent. To notifcation service should combine all updates for a single issue made by the same jira user into one email. This would reduce the volume of email notification. It is a real pain when you make 3 quick changes to a jia issue and this generates 3 emails. Thie more redundant emails jira sends the less likely people will read all of them.
      2. Jira still sends emails to me when I have made the change. Surely this should be able to turned of at least under my profile settings. (eg. "Don't notify me of change I make" ).


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