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Always use the phrase "mentioned you" in emails for comments or changes that mention me



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Update 12th July 2019

      Hello everyone,

      Wanted to drop a quick note to announce that this fix will be rolled out across Jira Cloud next week. Anytime you are mentioned in an issue, or in a comment, you will immediately receive an email stating you have been mentioned (it won't come as part of the new email batches, thus won't be time delayed).

      Best Regards,

      Josh Devenny, PM, Atlassian

      I have configured my Jira account to send emails. When someone mentions me in a comment or description, usually the email contains the text "x commented on", and only sometimes does it contain the text "x mentioned you".

      I rely on the "x mentioned you" to filter incoming email using inbox rules. If it doesn't contain that phrase, it skips my inbox.

      The behavior described above means that email updates for most comments where I am mentioned by name skip my inbox. Can it be fixed that such emails always contain "x mentioned you"?

      Even more usefull would be if emails from Jira contain tags that can be used for inbox rules.

      Thank you for considering!


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