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Reduce JIRA email chatiness



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Atlassian Update – 21st September 2018

      Hello Everyone

      We are putting a team together to directly address some of the customer pain that is caused by Notifications, and are reaching out to customers so we can find out more about the problems that exist with Jira Notifications.
      We are conducting research with customers, and I would love to talk to many of you about your experience with Jira notifications. Additionally, we’re looking for customers who are willing to test any new improvements that we ship in production. 
      If you are interested, please fill out the survey at this link: 
      Please note: I am focused on our Cloud products, and am looking for feedback directly about Cloud. If you have feedback regarding Jira Server notifications, please see: JRASERVER-1369
      I appreciate that notifications cause you frustration daily, and my team and I are dedicated to working with you to solve the problems that exist. I thank you for any help you can provide in helping us better understand where the biggest problems lie.

      Best Regards,
      Josh Devenny
      Principal PM, Atlassian

      Original request description

      I would like to suggest the following imoprovments to the email notification:

      1. Have the ability to configure the notifcation period (eg. 10 minutes). Then every period the outstanding notifcations are proccessed and sent. To notifcation service should combine all updates for a single issue made by the same jira user into one email. This would reduce the volume of email notification. It is a real pain when you make 3 quick changes to a jia issue and this generates 3 emails. Thie more redundant emails jira sends the less likely people will read all of them.
      2. Jira still sends emails to me when I have made the change. Surely this should be able to turned of at least under my profile settings. (eg. "Don't notify me of change I make" ).


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