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Jira email notification on issue description update



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      I update the "issue description" text in our Jira tracker a lot and each time it produces an email notification to all the "Assistance" entries. I also hit save a lot as Jira timeouts are basically killing my editing by resetting the form field.

      My request here is practically very simple. Add another "Save and send notification" button to the "Save" button and don't send notifications when hitting "Save" (default button) at all.

      This is implemented in Confluence already and Jira should just have the same feature IMHO.


      Confluence data-aui-version 7.9.7

      Jira data-aui-version 6.1.0, data-version 7.6.11


      Workaround which I could be using (not tested):

      Before I edit the issue description text, remove all the people listed in "Assistance", then make the edit, and add them again. Not sure if one gets a notification when being added the first time.


      This ticket is related to the "chattiness ticket"


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