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Updates to Issue Create (Please Watch)



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      What is the purpose of this ticket?

      The Issue Create team would like to keep our customers informed of any upcoming enhancements/changes/modifications to the Issue Create experience via regular updates on this ticket. If creating issues is a core experience for either you or your users, we recommend that you please WATCH this ticket to stay updated. 

      Why a ticket and why now?

      The Issue Create team is very cognizant of the fact that the changes we make impact a large set of our customers. We have received feedback from customers that sometimes when sizable improvements are made to the Issue Create experience, we don't give our customers enough of a lead time to learn, understand and adapt to these changes. This leads to frustration from our customers and the team believes a ticket a regular stream of updates will be a positive step towards reducing this frustration. Additionally, the team has a renewed focus on making further improvements to the Issue Create experience overall, so expect improvements to come to Issue Create faster!

      What is currently planned for the Issue Create experience?


      "Create issue" dialog does not format content correctly, backticks "`" are ignored when inserting code snippets. IN PROGRESS
      Create issue form doesn't refresh when the selected project is changed IN PROGRESS
      On the issue creation page after entering some data when pressed Esc or closed the page, the Warning pop doesn't show up. IN PROGRESS
      Epic Link Drop down menus in Create issue can cut off at the bottom TODO
      Searching for projects in new create issue experience doesn't work IN PROGRESS
      Copy pasting media into the editor does not upload the documents into attachments and instead references the source TODO
      Add an indicator for the clickable area in the Description field in the new global create experience TODO
      Cursor jumps multiple lines on pressing return to create a new line in new issue create's editor TODO

      Note: Expected roll-out dates (when available) are only an indication of when we hope these features will roll out to customers. They are subject to change depending on various factors.

      What has already shipped?


      Issue Roll out date  Link
      Modernized Issue Create modal 6th December 2021  Link
      Disabled cascading value is seen on issue create screen 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-78186
      Apostrophes in Custom Field names are displayed as ASCII code 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77607
      Canceling the file upload before completion causes the issue creation to be stuck 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77306
      Description field does not render tables when creating issue 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77197
      Epic dropdown field in Create Issue modal is not keyboard accessible 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-75041
      Using Create Issue does not apply Fabric Renderers 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-72540
      Pasting the Formatted text to description/ rich text box field while creating an issue, does not retain the formatting 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-72446
      Unable to scroll in the Configure fields frame from the Edit screen 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-71642
      Form won't submit if you cancel an attachment's upload. 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-69380
      When using a Select List (multiple choices)on the Create screen the selection disappears on losing field focus 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77720
      Date picker shows wrong week 21st March 2022 Link
      New global issue create screen does not respect issue type translations 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-78257
      Translations are inconsistent on Jira 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77373
      Date Picker feature pulls date in unsupported format if language is set to Danish 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77002
      Date picker is not working when Profile Language is set to other than English 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77460
      When filling a date picker field when creating an issue in a Portuguese Atlassian account, the data format is in English 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77459
      Security level 'None' appears even when field is marked required 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-5332
      Can’t create an issue if the time remaining field is empty in the New Global issue create experience 23rd March 2022 JRACLOUD-78248
      When creating Jira issues in the new create issue experience, the project key no longer appears next to the project name 24th March 2022 JRACLOUD-78720
      In the new GIC, Multi-line text fields that use the `Text Style Renderer` don't create a new line when the enter key is pressed 5th April 2022 JRACLOUD-78789
      Copy/paste images on create issue dialog allows to create the issue without the attachment 21st March 2022 JRACLOUD-77566


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