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Buttons for workflow transitions on Customer Portal


    • We collect Jira Service Desk feedback from various sources, and we evaluate what we've collected when planning our product roadmap. To understand how this piece of feedback will be reviewed, see our Implementation of New Features Policy.

      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Update Jun 2016

      Great news! This feature is now be available on cloud! Server customers will get it in the next server release (3.2.0) very very soon!

      To find out more about this feature, check out our blog post and documentations here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/servicedeskcloud/blog/2016/06/more-transitions-fewer-notifications

      I want to thank everyone for all the feedback provided and hope you enjoy the feature 😃

      — JIRA Service Desk

      Update April 2016

      Hello! Thank you for all your continuous feedback on this feature!

      For those who wants to use this feature for approval purposes, we recently launched an approval feature in JSD. This approval feature allows more complex approval processes and will lock down the transitions properly for non-approvers. For more information please have a look at our documentation .

      For the rest of you, we are in the implementation phase for the design shared earlier so it will be coming soon!


      Update Feb 2016

      Hi all!

      Just thought we will give you guys a sneak peak into what is coming. Since the last time we updated our design team have came up with some design for this feature! We want to hear your thoughts on them and here's a survey for you to give feedback: a short survey.

      I have attached some screenshots on this ticket with our designs.

      1. The first screen shows how the feature will be configured. You can select any transition on the workflow editor and make it transition-able by customers

      2. The second screen show that the user can select the “close request” transition which was set up previously

      3. The third screen shows what happens after the user selected “close request”, a dialog appears which allow the customer to leave an optional comment

      4. The forth screen shows what happens after the user close the request, the request is transitioned and the comment is added

      We love your feedback, so please fill out the survey!

      As Reporter of the issue created from Customer Portal I want to have ability of Reopening my issue within my Request on portal, and not going to classic JIRA view of the issue to do so.
      This is example of classic workflow, but there could be many of use cases when creator of request should hit some button rather than just sending a comment.

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