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Embed Approve/Decline button with Comments



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      Atlassian Update – 3 April 2023

      Hi everyone,

      We’re excited to let you know that we have shipped Comments for approvals in Jira Service Management Data Center 5.7 (20th March 2023).

      Approvers will now see a transition screen after they select Approve or Decline on a request. They can leave a comment explaining their decision on the new screen. In this release, the transition screen will appear when approving requests in the customer portal and the agent view.

      Commenting on approvals comes with an extra perk—making the comments required. Jira admins can access new settings when editing or adding approval steps in workflows. By selecting the Comment required when approving and Comment required when declining checkboxes, you’re guaranteed to get some important input from approvers.

      Whether it’s an explanation of why a request is declined or additional evidence needed to support an approval that you need to keep track of, comments from approvers will improve the approval processes in your organization.

      Learn more about configuring approvals in Jira Service Management

      Please also note that the upcoming 5.8 version will allow approvers to add attachments to the comments that they leave when they approve or decline a request. We’re also adding new audit logs to help you track any changes to your approval workflow.

      Kind regards,

      Charlie Marriott

      Jira Service Management Data Center

      Problem Definition

      Currently the design for Approval/Decline button is separated from the comments. If a user adds a comment and clicks on approve/decline, the comment will be lost as the page is refreshed. The issue is transitioned but no comments would be added.

      Suggested Solution

      1. Use the functionality of a JIRA transition screen where if a an issue is transitioned, a screen to displayed to select required fields and add a comment. Click on add will save the comment and transition the issue.
      2. Add a warning if the comment is not added and Approve/Decline is selected, the comment will be lost.


      Add a comment separately from Approving/Declining the request.


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