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Improve accessibility by satisfying WAI-WCAG



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Confluence does not currently meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAI-WCAG). In order for a growing number of governments to make use of Confluence, it would need to meet at least priority A and preferably priority AA of the standards.

      The list of countries in which this is a requirement is growing and includes:

      1. The Australian government
      2. The Canadian government
      3. The German government
      4. The United States government (section 508)

      Additionally, the space tools menu in the bottom left of the page can be opened and closed with a keyboard but there is no keyboard functionality for the items in the space tools menu. Pressing the up or down keyboard arrows or the enter key will open the menu but the focus is then not put on the menu and pressing tab will move you to the next page element instead of accessing the items in the menu.

      Also when accessing dialogs like the "Keyboard Shortcuts", Other Macros or While modifying a macro's content in the main section, the right side of the dialog box is not able to be navigated via the keyboard. Pressing the up or down arrow or the enter key will change the focus of the items in the filter navigation but the focus is then not put on the main content that is being updated even with subsequent tabs or arrows presses.

      Both of these are accessibility issues that cannot be resolved through Javascript and CSS and are very disruptive.


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