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Accessibility fixes for confluence-quick-edit bundled plugin


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      Problem Definition

      Currently there are a few accessibility issues with the templates for this plugin, it is missing some accessibility code:

      • Unable to get the tabbing to be correct in the quick-comments and edit-page.
        Focus starts in the editor and then when tab is pressed focus proceeds to the top of the page and through the toolbar to the save area, but not giving the option to travel back into the edit area.
      • Unable to allow enter key on comments field to trigger the quick-comments area and allow editing.
        Shortcut key (m) must be used. This is not ideal since in page shortcut keys will likely be disabled by users require assistive technology.
      • comments.soy
        remove a tags surrounding user logo remove alt text on user logo image add tabindex to comment form
      • quick-edit.js (and quick-edit-min.js)
        add tabindex to #rte-toolbar and all .aui-button items


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