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Accessibility fixes for general Confluence soy/velocity templates


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      Problem Definition

      Currently there are a few accessibility issues with the templates for this plugin, it is missing some accessibility code:

      • admin/viewclasspath.vm
        add alt for check and error images
      • includes/soy/icons.soy
        Remove "a" tag surrounding .contentIconFont in else statement
      • includes/soy/user.soy
        Remove "a" tag surrounding .userLogo images Updated alt for img tags to blank
      • includes/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js (and jquery.fancybox-1.3.4-min.js)
        add aria-label for fancybox-close, fancybox-left, and fancybox-right
      • includes/js/attachments.js (and attachments-min.js)
        Added aria-expanded attribute to click function
      • includes/js/header-user-menu.js (and header-user-menu-min.js)
        add blank alt attribute
      • includes/js/tree.js (and tree-min.js)
        add aria-labels and aria-expanded to expand div add tabindex to expand div
      • includes/common-choosetheme.vm
        Replaced Label with span for currentTheme applied Strong tag to currentThemeName
        Add for attributes to labels for theme choice radio's
      • includes/network-macro.vm
        Added for tags for each assistive label
      • includes/users/editmysettings.vm
        Added id for each aui fieldset item
      • includes/users/viewuser.vm
        Add aria-label to a links
      • login.vm
        add html lang attribute
        add lang attribute to each language selector
      • checklist.vm
        add alt text to check and error images
      • decorators/includes/page-metadata.vm
        remove metadata skip link
      • decorators/includes/page-metadata-with-icons.vm
        remove metadata skip link
      • pages/includes/attachment_icon.vm
        remove title attributes (these are not required if text in the tag are identical)
      • pages/includes/attachments-table.vm
        add table headers assistive text
        add aria-expanded attribute and role="button" to expand history
        to do find a place to add javascript to auto update the expand attribute
      • pages/templates/common-listpermissionpages.vm
        add aria-label to remove restrictions "a" tag and alt attribute to ulock image
      • pages/viewinfo.vm
        add aria-label to a tag
        add alt to image tag
        add assistive th text to Recent Changes (needs to be added to language.properties) add blank alt text to external link arrow image
      • pages/viewpreviousversions.vm
        add blank alt text to profile pic image
        add assistive th text to page history container
        add label for each compare version checkbox with assistive text
      • template/includes/menu-macros.vm
        add aria-label to "a" tag menuMacros_renderImageLink
        add aria-label to "a" tag menuMacros_renderTailedDropdownMenu
      • template/includes/macros.vm
        add table headers to showPermissionsHeaders
        add alt for check and error images in permissionValueCell
      • follow/follow-user-result.vm
        add alt for check and error images
      • spaces/viewspacedetails.vm
        Move Edit link into an "a" tag and convert existing "a" tags to span's convert all labels to spans (associated css classes are in the auiplugin)


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