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Accessibility fixes for confluence-space-ia bundled plugin


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      Problem Definition

      Currently there are a few accessibility issues with the templates for this plugin, it is missing some accessibility code:

      • sidebar.css
        add .anonymous css classes to adjust sidebar footer it anonymous
      • sidebar-ia.js (and sidebar-ia-min.js)
        Add an auto expand feature when tabbing to sidebar when it is collapsed Allow enter/return to activate the expand collapse trigger.
        Update aria-expanded attributes on expand/collapse
      • sidebar-space-tools.js (and sidebar-space-tools-min.js)
        Update aria-expanded attributes on expand/collapse
      • space-menu.js (and space-menu-min.js)
        force selection of first item in spaces header dropdown menu when clicked.
      • configurable-nav.js (and configurable-nav-min.js)
        Add aria-label to hide-link class


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