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Several custom field types can't be added to a request type


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Status as of January 13, 2021

      Hi all,

      I’m pleased to let you know that support for the request type ‘Project’ and ‘Version’ fields will be added in the upcoming JSM 4.15 release. Support for the ‘Group’ field is still outstanding, however this is something we might consider for our roadmap in the future. Please see JSDSERVER-7097 to add further comments and votes related to the 'Group' field.

      Charlie, JSM Server & Data Center Team

      Please specify what fields you would like to see in the Customer Portal by adding comments to this issue.

      Update as of 16 Aug 2016

      Hi all,
      Just to provide some update on this ticket. Currently JIRA Service Desk supports all custom fields except Group pickers, Project pickers and Version pickers. The Project one is not relevant to the portal's users – please let us know how you'd use it if it's relevant to you so that we can understand your use case. We haven't heard many customers asking for groups and versions and therefore they are not on our current roadmap. We'd like your use case for these ones, esp. the group field. 
      In terms of add-on fields from our partners, e.g. nFeed, this is something we would like to have in JSD in the future but are currently not on our short to medium term roadmap.
      — JIRA Service Desk team

      Update as of 13 March 2015

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for your input! Reading the comments posted so far, these seem to be the common ones :

      • Group picker
      • Project picker
      • Labels
      • Multi level select
      • Calculated number

      Thanks for supporting JIRA Service Desk!

      The JIRA Service Desk team

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