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Customer Request Type not visible on edit and create screens


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      Updated 16 May

      Thank you for all the feedback provided! We are currently exploring a few solutions for this based on the use case from the feedback. Once we have something I will definitely share it with you all!

      Thanks again for the responses

      – JIRA Service Desk

      Updated 6 May

      Hi all,

      Thank you for taking your time out and giving feedback on this ticket. I am just wondering what use cases do you guys fall into with this feature request:

      1. The user is a JIRA user (not a JSD agent) but would like to raise request for a JSD project from the JIRA side
      2. The user is a JSD agent and is raising the ticket on behalf of a customer in the JSD project
      3. The user is a JSD agent is is raising a ticket for themselves.
      4. Other use case: please specific

      I would love to hear about what use cases you guys have and see what solution we can do to best suit your needs.

      Vincent - JSD Product Manager

      Since Service Desk 2.1 we can edit the Customer Request type, but the field is not visible on the Create or Edit screen. I added the field and when I go to Configure Fields, I can check the field. Something is happening (some white space is added where the field should be), but the field is not visible.
      I know we can raise a request for a customer throught the portal in his name, but, it should be visible on those screens.


      Automatically set Customer Request Type When Issue is Created via JIRA.

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