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Allow unlicensed, authenticated users to have anonymous read only access


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      If a user (e.g. a JIRA user) is not licensed to use Confluence, they cannot view any Confluence content (from JIRA or Service Desk for instance) - even if that content is available to anonymous users. They currently have to log out before they can see the content.

      Suggested Solution

      We cannot allow authenticated but unlicensed users to edit anonymously accessible content, since that would mean that admins would only have to enable anonymous access to have the equivalent of an unlimited user license.
      Instead, we should allow authenticated but unlicensed users to get read-only access to confluence content with anonymous permissions.

      Such users will still be locked out from parts of the application that require a licensed user, including viewing user profiles, people directories, etc, unless anonymous has been granted permission to view user profiles.

      Solution for JIRA Service Desk customers

      Link JIRA Service Desk project to Confluence space to allow customers to have access to knowledge base in Project Settings -> Knowledge Base.
      This does require the Jira Service Desk users to access these pages via the JSD portal knowledge-base otherwise images will not load due to permissions not being correct when checked against the media API.


      Atlassian Status as of June 2019
      Thank you for your patience and being so vocal with regards to availability of this feature in Confluence Cloud. We acknowledge that many of you are looking to share content with your customers and other external users without provisioning full licenses. 
      I'm happy to share that we've put this suggestion on our roadmap and are planning to address it in the next 12 months.
      We will keep you updated on the progress and timelines when the feature is going to be delivered.
      Thanks again for your patience.




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