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Jira service desk users are unable to load view images in Confluence pages that are KB article linked to JSD project when the confluence page is accessed directly



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      Issue Summary

      When a JSD user attempts to access a Confluence KB article linked to a JSD project directly the images on the page fail to load as the permissions against the media API fail and result ina 403.


      Confluence space linked to JSD project as KB.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a JSD project.
      2. Create a Confluence space.
      3. Link the Confluence space to the JSD project as a KB.
      4. Edit space permissions so JSD users have read access to the space.
      5. Create a page with images in the Confluence KB space.
      6. Create a category for KB articles in JSD project and add the page with images to the category so it can be easily accessed via the portal.
      7. Create a user who only has a JSD license.
      8. Login as the JSD user and view the page with images via both the customer portal and the page directly via Confluence.

      Expected Results

      The page loads correctly in both the portal view and Confluence.

      Actual Results

      The page loads correctly in the portal view, however, the images will not load when the pages are accessed directly via Confluence.

      JSD Portal Confluence

      The below exception is thrown in the network tab of the browser dev tools:

      {statusCode: 403, data: {authorized: false, valid: false,…},…}
      data: {authorized: false, valid: false,…}
      authorized: false
      errors: [{message: {translation: "Not permitted to access media service configuration data.", args: []}}]
      0: {message: {translation: "Not permitted to access media service configuration data.", args: []}}
      successful: false
      valid: false
      message: "com.atlassian.confluence.api.service.exceptions.PermissionException: Not permitted to access media service configuration data."
      statusCode: 403



      Access the desired pages via the JSD customer portal to view images. 


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