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Confluence + JIRA Servicedesk > Linked JIRA issues are dead to Servicedesk Portal customers



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We are using JIRA, JIRA Servicedesk and Confluence, with Confluence also serving as a knowlegde base for our customers at the Servicedesk.

      In Confluence it is possible to use JIRA links, powerful and useful! However, if one uses such a link in a Confluence space accessible to customers (who can only access the Servicedesk Portal) the JIRA links are dead to them. This is not well understood by our customers and does limit the combined power of Confluence and JIRA Servicedesk greatly.

      What would make the combination of JIRA Servicedesk and Confluence much more powerfull would be an extra authentication step with JIRA links in Confluence;

      • if a person has user-access to JIRA, wave through
      • if a person has SD-customer-portal acces, send through to the customer portal view
      • If a person has no JIRA access, show notification 'you are not authorised'

      If this would become possible, we could use the JIRA-macro's in Confluence for a great many more purposes;

      • Release notes
      • Customer specific reports
      • Interactive link in Questions (e.g. the following ticket has been created based on this discussion)
      • ... etc.

      "Workaround" is to include the SD-portal link in Confluence, but this is a) no JIRA-link and b) not interactive


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