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Sub-task JSDCLOUD-11507

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to set approver groups on next-gen/team-managed projects

Christophe (Inactive) Eduardo Santos (Inactive)   Open Unresolved 6
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-10510

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to hide workflow statuses from customer in customer portal for next-gen/team-managed projects

Unassigned Saama Tabassum   Open Unresolved 2
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-9913

JSDCLOUD-8317 Add workflow properties to enable more functions to the workflow

Unassigned Nabil Low Open Unresolved 8
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-9460

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to link multiple confluence spaces as knowledge base

Unassigned J. Sakurai Low Open Unresolved 5
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-9447

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to restrict to knowledge base articles with labels

Unassigned J. Sakurai Low Open Unresolved 9
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-9204

JSDCLOUD-8317 Unable to delete existing approver fields

Unassigned Eduardo Santos (Inactive) Low Open Unresolved 7
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-9109

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to Create the Service Desk Customer role in Team-managed projects

Rachel Crossman Rodrigo B.   Open Unresolved 24
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8986

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to delete status in JSD Next-Gen

Unassigned Yuri Moura Low Open Unresolved 5
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8973

JSDCLOUD-8317 Allow next-gen projects to support the Development panel

Unassigned Fábio W. [Atlassian] Low Open Unresolved 4
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8972

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to configure "People" field in next-gen projects

Rachel Crossman Angélica Luz Low Open Unresolved 5
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8953

JSDCLOUD-8317 The "Work on requests" permission under Next-Gen manage roles should contain the product access warning

Unassigned Eduardo Santos (Inactive) Low Closed Won't Fix 0
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8786

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to associate a screen with a workflow transition

Unassigned Victor Romero Low Closed Won't Fix 2
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8713

JSDCLOUD-8317 Add the ability to configure Issue security level

Unassigned Thiago Behm Low Closed Won't Fix 1
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8623

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to create sub-tasks/child issues on team-managed projects

Unassigned Angélica Luz Low Open Unresolved 101
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8600

JSDCLOUD-8317 Not able to drag and drop/create a new workflow transition

Unassigned Thiago Behm High Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8575

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to change the default language

Unassigned Nabil Low Closed Won't Fix 18
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8572

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to alias workflow status for help seekers

Unassigned Christophe (Inactive) Low Closed Won't Fix 2
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8523

JSDCLOUD-8317 Allow adding value to the "Resolution" field on JSD next gen issues.

Jehan Gonsalkorale Eithar N. (Inactive) Low Open Unresolved 177
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8493

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to clone next-gen projects

Unassigned J. Sakurai Low Open Unresolved 39
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8480

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to change the issue type/request type for email channel when using team-managed projects

Unassigned Angélica Luz Low Open Unresolved 24
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8474

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to configure issue layout for Jira Service Desk issues

Unassigned Sharon Tan Low Open Unresolved 6
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8347

JSDCLOUD-8317 Configuring agent notifications

Unassigned Christophe (Inactive)   Open Unresolved 29
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8346

JSDCLOUD-8317 Outgoing email address configuration

Unassigned Christophe (Inactive)   Open Unresolved 61
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8318

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to modify the Priority list on Jira Service Desk Next Gen

Unassigned Syauqi (Inactive)   Closed Won't Fix 0
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8302

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to set Attachment field as required in next-gen project request type

Unassigned Swati Kahol   Open Unresolved 5
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8262

JSDCLOUD-8317 Unable to import a JSON/CSV file to Service Desk next-gen projects

Jehan Gonsalkorale Eduardo Santos (Inactive)   Closed Duplicate 12
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8212

JSDCLOUD-8317 Add the "Show transition in the customer portal" checkbox for next-gen/team-managed projects

Jehan Gonsalkorale Eduardo Santos (Inactive)   Closed Done 72
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8173

JSDCLOUD-8317 Have rules for Next_Gen projects to Assign issues and update issue fields

Unassigned KP   Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8171

JSDCLOUD-8317 Reorder workflow transitions in next-gen projects

Unassigned Asim K   Open Unresolved 5
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8164

JSDCLOUD-8317 Add ability to hide and set default value for Summary, Description, and assignee fields on Request Types for Service Desk Team-managed projects

Unassigned Augusto Pasqualotto   Open Unresolved 50
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8159

JSDCLOUD-8317 Enable the approvers on next-gen projects

Christophe (Inactive) Eduardo Santos (Inactive)   Closed Done 23
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8141

JSDCLOUD-8317 Time Tracking for Next-Gen JIRA Service Desk projects

Unassigned Atiqah Roslan   Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JSDCLOUD-8082

JSDCLOUD-8317 Ability to add a resolution on tickets when using JSD next-gen

Unassigned Angélica Luz   Closed Fixed 3