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Change columns in Customer Portal 'requests' page


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      Atlassian Update – 10 December 2021

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your interest in this issue.

      As a part of Jira Service Management Data Center 4.21 we have released column configuration on the Help center’s request list view. This allows Jira admins to select the columns that they would like to appear in their customer's requests list. It also allows customers to configure and order the columns.

      The available fields are type, reference, summary, status, service project, requester, created date, updated date, due date, assignee and priority.

      Please refer to our documentation to learn how to configure the requests list.

      Kind regards,

      Charlie Marriott
      Jira Service Management, Data Center & Server

      Problem Definition

      It currently is not possible to add or remove columns and filters on the "My Requests" page of the customer portal.


      • Ability to configure the columns a customer sees in the help center when viewing their list of request/s. Example would be to remove the "service project" column, but add a "date entered" column.
      • It would be nice if the My Request page could get customized, providing the ability to add or remove particular columns and filters. This would allow for customers to filter their requests more efficiently.

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