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Ability to add/remove columns/filters in My Request page


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      Atlassian Update – 9 June 2021

      Hi everyone,

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      I am consolidating this suggestion as a duplicate of JSDSERVER-4580. Please continue to vote and watch the other suggestion for future updates.

      We are aware of this highly requested functionality and will continue to evaluate it for our Data Center roadmap.

      To learn more about our recent investments in Jira Service Management and Data Center, please check our public roadmap and our two dashboards containing recently resolved issues, and current work and future plans.

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      Jira Service Management, Server & Data Center

      Problem Definition

      It currently is not possible to add or remove columns and filters on the "My Requests" page of the customer portal.

      Suggested Solution

      It would be nice if the My Request page could get customized, providing the ability to add or remove particular columns and filters.
      This would allow for customers to filter their requests more efficiently.

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