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Email notification stops working without any error indication



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      Update - July 13, 2021

      Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this ticket to be resolved. We wanted to share an update that our Engineering teams have taken note of the number of customers impacted by this ticket and we are working on a plan to drive it toward resolution. Our goal is to inform administrators when an email address is put onto the suppression list, and then ultimately provide a way to remove them from the list. This improvement will take a coordinated effort across a number of back end and front end teams, and so we are unable to provide an exact timeframe for when the improvements will be in place at this stage, but we'll ensure we keep this ticket updated with any news.

      For now, we are also shifting this issue over to become a suggestion, as while the experience of dropping emails is far from ideal, it is intended behaviour for email addresses to go onto the suppression list if they aren't responding, so that we can assure delivery for other emails. We are making this change for internal workflow reasons, but it does not change the priority that we are applying to resolving this ticket.

      Kind Regards,
      Matt Hunter
      Senior Manager, Cloud Service Enablement



      For whatever reason that a JIRA notification email bounces back to Atlassian Cloud's mail server, the recipient's email address will be blocked in the system. At this state, no further notification emails can be sent out to the blocked email address. Furthermore, there are no indications in JIRA cloud that an email address is in this state.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Send out an email notification to an email address with a full mailbox.

      Expected Results

      • An error message should be indicated somewhere that the email bounced back and that the email address is blocked. There should be a threshold for bounces before adding the email address into the drop list.

      Actual Results

      • The email address will be blocked in the mail server and the JIRA users has no indication that the email address is in this current state.


      Atlassian Support can trace these notification emails and unblock the email addresses but there are no indicators in JIRA that can warn users of the current state of the email address. The email address will remain in this state until they reach out to Atlassian support to troubleshoot missing notification emails.


      Please contact Atlassian Support to check if the missing notification emails is related to this issue.


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