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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Votes Development
Sub-task JRACLOUD-20248

JRACLOUD-18505 Apply auto-expand javascript to text customfield

Unassigned Jeremy Largman Low Closed Fixed 37
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19639

JRACLOUD-18505 allow viewing focus box

Unassigned Jay Hill Low Closed Fixed 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19632

JRACLOUD-18505 Improve Activity Stream detail shown for worklog updates

Unassigned Cameron Leask Low Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19610

JRACLOUD-18505 Remove Time Tracking "Not Specified" from issue view screen

Unassigned Tyler Tyler Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19606

JRACLOUD-18505 Watcher list - Tooltip

Unassigned Chris Tate-Davies Low Closed Fixed 5
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19429

JRACLOUD-18505 Issue view which includes the change history items of the issue

Unassigned Michael Tokar Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-19428

JRACLOUD-18505 Add UI capability to remove attachments once added

Unassigned Michael Tokar Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18936

JRACLOUD-18505 The focus is by default not there on "delete" button when user click "Delete" link for issues

Unassigned Veenu Bharara (Inactive) Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18684

JRACLOUD-18505 Default priority colours are not colour blind friendly

Unassigned MattS Medium Closed Won't Fix 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18683

JRACLOUD-18505 Add issue summary popup when hovering over an issue key

Unassigned Deleted Account (Inactive) Medium Closed Low Engagement 4
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18595

JRACLOUD-18505 Ability to move "Actions" column in issue navigator when configuring Issue Navigator Columns

Unassigned Sergiy LIZENKO Low Closed Won't Do 2
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18568

JRACLOUD-18505 Move through a list directly from edit page to edit page

Unassigned Martin Eskes Medium Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18448

JRACLOUD-18505 Add 'Set Fix Version to Parent Fix Version' to the action menu for subtasks

Unassigned sladey Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18194

JRACLOUD-18505 Default font for textarea

Unassigned MarkC Medium Closed Low Engagement 9
Sub-task JRACLOUD-18011

JRACLOUD-18505 Sort attachments by chronological rank of upload.

Unassigned Marc DECALLONNE Low Closed Fixed 12
Sub-task JRACLOUD-17500

JRACLOUD-18505 Close subtasks automatically

Unassigned Mel Low Closed Duplicate 13
Sub-task JRACLOUD-16588

JRACLOUD-18505 Sub-Task Region Improvement

Unassigned Akhirudin Fahmi Medium Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-16459

JRACLOUD-18505 Add keyboard shortcut for Log Work operation

Unassigned Alex Dye Medium Closed Answered 51
Sub-task JRACLOUD-16375

JRACLOUD-18505 Progress bar for attachment upload

Unassigned Cheryl Jerozal [Atlassian] Low Closed Low Engagement 5
Sub-task JRACLOUD-14996

JRACLOUD-18505 Display Closed issues differently in lists and in detail view

Unassigned Rachael Russell Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-14985

JRACLOUD-18505 Link change group to the comment on the comment tab on view issue

Unassigned Teemu Qvick Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-14821

JRACLOUD-18505 UI useability request for resolved/closed issues and comments

Unassigned Dimitry Voytenko Medium Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-14548

JRACLOUD-18505 Include the "Add file" form directly below the Manage Attachments page.

Unassigned Dushan Hanuska [Atlassian] Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-13787

JRACLOUD-18505 Show issue information when editing a comment

Unassigned Shari Terry Medium Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JRACLOUD-13614

JRACLOUD-18505 Clicking on the time tracking % allows you to log work for a sub task

Unassigned MarkC Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-13586

JRACLOUD-18505 Issue description should have 'edit' link

Unassigned River Tarnell Low Closed Fixed 2
Sub-task JRACLOUD-13225

JRACLOUD-18505 On hitting the Resolve Issue button , page should also show the issue details .

Unassigned Sandeep Hebbar Medium Closed Won't Do 3
Sub-task JRACLOUD-13159

JRACLOUD-18505 Add attachment icon next to issue

Unassigned Laurence Bejerana Medium Closed Won't Do 4
Sub-task JRACLOUD-12318

JRACLOUD-18505 Request functionality to 'update' attached files in JIRA

Unassigned Scott W. Jones Medium Closed Duplicate 4
Sub-task JRACLOUD-12027

JRACLOUD-18505 Screenshots attached to an Issue should use PNG instead of JPG

Unassigned Martin Blazek Medium Closed Fixed 12
Sub-task JRACLOUD-12023

JRACLOUD-18505 Feature request for adding Attach field to the Add Comment screen

Unassigned Vinh-Thach Nguyen Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-10376

JRACLOUD-18505 Allow uploader to mark as obsolete files they have provided

Unassigned sebbapache Medium Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-10192

JRACLOUD-18505 Fast subtask rearrangement

Unassigned Ruben Miranda Medium Closed Won't Fix 128
Sub-task JRACLOUD-10187

JRACLOUD-18505 Java applet to attach multiple files to an issue

Unassigned Mads Andreasen Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-9956

JRACLOUD-18505 Enable attaching files to an issue by drag and drop

Unassigned Sara Akhavi Low Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JRACLOUD-9211

JRACLOUD-18505 Number of issues assign displayd next to assignee

Unassigned Annicka Rosengren Medium Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-9150

JRACLOUD-18505 Add aditional information to Attachments field (make configurable)

Nick Menere [Atlassian] (Inactive) Nick Menere [Atlassian] (Inactive) Low Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JRACLOUD-9149

JRACLOUD-18505 Customise sub-task table layout

Unassigned BrianH Medium Closed Duplicate 12
Sub-task JRACLOUD-8887

JRACLOUD-18505 Improve add version input

Unassigned Bernard Durfee Low Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-8528

JRACLOUD-18505 Direct drop-downs on task page to change priority and assignee rather than having to edit task

Unassigned Amrita Dhillon Medium Closed Fixed 3
Sub-task JRACLOUD-8504

JRACLOUD-18505 Aspects of the DateTime Calendar widget are a little clunky - esp setting the time

Unassigned Nick Minutello Medium Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-8096

JRACLOUD-18505 When assigning from large list of users, provide search interface instead of drop-down

Unassigned Jeff Turner Medium Closed Fixed 13
Sub-task JRACLOUD-7323

JRACLOUD-18505 Comments provided when changing, linking or resolving an issue should be displayed next to the record of that action

Unassigned Scott Bilas Medium Closed Low Engagement 13
Sub-task JRACLOUD-6850

JRACLOUD-18505 Change issue component selector / version selector

Unassigned pierre-yves voirol Medium Closed Fixed 7
Sub-task JRACLOUD-6765

JRACLOUD-18505 Allow users to choose sort field for Attachments

Unassigned BrianH Medium Closed Fixed 35
Sub-task JRACLOUD-6412

JRACLOUD-18505 Reply button on comments

Unassigned Todd Huss Medium Closed Duplicate 62
Sub-task JRACLOUD-6114

JRACLOUD-18505 Comment security - "visible to" is not visible enough

Unassigned Bojan Medium Closed Low Engagement 3
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5996

JRACLOUD-18505 "Add comment" textbox should appear on top of comments when comments are sorted descendingly

Unassigned Bojan Medium Closed Low Engagement 5
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5912

JRACLOUD-18505 Create Issue form should have a "Watch this" checkbox

Anusha Rutnam Dave Yost Low Closed Fixed 5
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5825

JRACLOUD-18505 Apply changes to all sub tasks

Unassigned Matt Young Medium Closed Fixed 54
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5513

JRACLOUD-18505 Improve the default text, removing the redundant "this issue".

Unassigned Jeff Turner Medium Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5348

JRACLOUD-18505 Description Field should be at the beginning of an issue

Unassigned Gerd Gueldenast Medium Closed Fixed 8
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5290

JRACLOUD-18505 Remove vertical split in links panel

Unassigned Mike Aizatsky Medium Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5016

JRACLOUD-18505 Display archived fix for/affects versions 'grayed' out on 'View Issue' page.

Unassigned Keith Brophy Medium Closed Won't Do 0
Sub-task JRACLOUD-5015

JRACLOUD-18505 Attach screenshot when creating issue

Grzegorz Tanczyk (Inactive) Jeff Turner Medium Closed Fixed 264
Sub-task JRACLOUD-4785

JRACLOUD-18505 Sort operations by importance

Unassigned Jeff Turner Medium Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-4513

JRACLOUD-18505 Ability to categorize attachements

Unassigned pierre-yves voirol Medium Closed Low Engagement 9
Sub-task JRACLOUD-3936

JRACLOUD-18505 Add Confluence-like attachment improvements

Unassigned Geoff Krapf Medium Closed Incomplete 14
Sub-task JRACLOUD-3888

JRACLOUD-18505 Thumbnails to support .bmp files

Unassigned Rachael Russell Low Closed Fixed 24
Sub-task JRACLOUD-3868

JRACLOUD-18505 Add submit buttons to both top and bottom of forms

Unassigned Jonathan Nolen (Inactive) Medium Closed Obsolete 5
Sub-task JRACLOUD-3310

JRACLOUD-18505 Use PNG as an option for screenshot attachments format

Unassigned Andrey Khapugin Low Closed Fixed 45
Sub-task JRACLOUD-3028

JRACLOUD-18505 Customize components and versions list box size

Unassigned Paco Vidal Low Closed Fixed 31
Sub-task JRACLOUD-2169

JRACLOUD-18505 Update existing attachment with same name

Unassigned Adam Harvey Low Closed Cannot Reproduce 103
Sub-task JRACLOUD-1332

JRACLOUD-18505 Consider using comboboxes instead of listboxes

Unassigned Mike Aizatsky Low Closed Won't Do 1
Sub-task JRACLOUD-1143

JRACLOUD-18505 "Create New Issue" somewhat difficult to work with

Unassigned Barry Kaplan Low Closed Obsolete 12
Sub-task JRACLOUD-1062

JRACLOUD-18505 Attachment icon in comments

Unassigned Nathan Ollerenshaw Low Closed Fixed 39
Sub-task JRACLOUD-818

JRACLOUD-18505 Edit in place for issues

Unassigned Richard Holder Medium Closed Fixed 52