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Allow Administrators to control managed users' associated sites and products



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      Atlassian Update - 12 September 2023

      Hi everyone,

      We are pleased to announce that product requests, a new proactive control for administrators to address shadow IT, will begin progressively rolling out to customers today. It will be live for all Cloud Enterprise customers by September 15, 2023.

      For Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management’s Cloud Enterprise plans, product requests allows admins to prevent their managed users from signing up for products on their own.

      Now, when a user tries to sign up for a product, Atlassian will send that user to a page where they enter details about how they plan to use the product. Admins will review all their users' requests, from the product requests page, and either resolve or deny any instances from being created.

      For full details on this release and our future development plans, please visit our community post.

      Thanks, Griffin

      As an administrator, I would like to have the ability to control and configure permissions to my organization's managed accounts, these permissions are:

      • Ability to create new sites for Jira, Confluence, JSD
      • Ability to create new Bitbucket or Trello accounts
      • Ability to join sites or products external to the organization
      • Ability to remove managed users from external sites
      • Ability to remove access to specific products

      Current impact

      Not being able to have these controls allows managed accounts to join or create sites under the company's email domain, possibly causing an undesired increase on the Atlassian Access billing, which in some occasions might hit the license seat limit.



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