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Allow Administrators to control managed users' associated sites and products



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      Atlassian Update - 6 October 2023

      Thank you for your active participation and feedback following our announcement of product requests. We want to address some of the feedback we’ve heard and share our strategy for addressing shadow IT risks now and going forward.
      The Cloud Enterprise (CE) plan solves the challenges of customers operating our products at a large scale by addressing their complexity, governance, advanced security, and compliance needs. The Atlassian Access product solves for more foundational security requirements and provides identity and access management support. We have implemented solutions for shadow IT risks based on customer differentiation in both CE and Atlassian Access.

      The product requests feature will help our CE customers in large, complex environments more closely monitor shadow IT risks as they scale, bolstering our advanced security pillar of CE. For customers with Atlassian Access, we will be adding enhancements to Automatic Product Discovery (APD). The first enhancement is scheduled for release this month and will introduce a new “last active date” field to APD.

      With this enhancement, admins will be able to visit the ‘Discovered Products’ tab within Atlassian Administration and easily identify long inactive shadow IT instances and prioritize recently active ones to take action on. The next APD enhancement will provide org admins with one-click access to ‘join’, or add themselves to, shadow IT instances and take over the management of said instance. 

      In order to track our progress and gain more targeted feedback moving forward, we will now close this ticket and have created separate, linked tickets to address your concerns in smaller forums.

      1. The enhancements to Automatic Product Discovery for the ‘add admin’ feature
      2. The request for product request controls in Trello
      3. The request for product request controls in BitBucket
      4. The ability to remove managed users from external sites

      Best, Griffin

      As an administrator, I would like to have the ability to control and configure permissions to my organization's managed accounts, these permissions are:

      • Ability to create new sites for Jira, Confluence, JSD
      • Ability to create new Bitbucket or Trello accounts
      • Ability to join sites or products external to the organization
      • Ability to remove managed users from external sites
      • Ability to remove access to specific products

      Current impact

      Not being able to have these controls allows managed accounts to join or create sites under the company's email domain, possibly causing an undesired increase on the Atlassian Access billing, which in some occasions might hit the license seat limit.



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