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Allow org admins to transfer ownership of products owned by managed accounts



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      Organization administrators are getting blocked from deleting certain managed accounts because these accounts have licenses tied to them, currently, this is demanding quite some effort from the administrator as they need to:

      1. Re-gain access to the Atlassian account so they can transfer the subscriptions
        • Sometimes they do not have an SSO to set that up easily
        • The mail box in most cases will no longer exist to recover the account
      2. As a last resort, they need to change the email to become an alias of their own accounts
      3. Transfer the actual subscriptions or simply deactivate them - Which depending on the product, may take up to 15 days as a Cloud site (Jira or Confluence) has to be destroyed before unblocking the account for deletion.
      4. Existing contacts have to manually log in to "my.atlassian.com" to remove users to be deleted.

      Same problem can be encountered when discovering products that are owned by managed accounts owned by users who left the company.


      • Allow org admins to remove managed accounts as contacts of the products via the org administration page.
      • Allow org admins to transfer the ownership of the products owned by managed accounts.


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