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    • Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.


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      Feature Expected date
      Support for custom fields in columns and as search refinements Q4 2023
      Filter/system column configuration Q4 2023
      Updates to export functionality Q1 2024


       🎉 SHIPPED


      Column configuration, custom filters and more refinements
      Move to next/previous issue within the issue view
      Save custom search filters and share search criteria with other users
      Wider field support for more powerful searches       
      New JQL Editor, multi-project search
      Issue import and bulk issue edit
      Inline editing for status field, Issue operations in list view, performance improvements
      Status category filter and better handling of long lists of options in filters
      List view and exports in issue navigator
      New issue navigator in classic projects for Jira Software, JSM and JWM
      Filter by issue type(epics, bugs, stories etc) in team-managed issue navigator
      New issue navigator in next-gen projects



      What are we doing?

      After analysing your feedback, we've realised that there is a lot of confusion caused by multiple inconsistent issue search pages in Jira. We want to simplify search in Jira and make it faster and more scalable. In this journey we will be adding features to the new issue navigator and after it has all the functionality of advanced search, we will replace advanced search with the new issue navigator.

      Here's what we are achieving with this change:

      • A consistently powerful issue search experience in Jira
      • Faster and more scalable search
      • Updated technology behind search, making it easier to add new features
      • Simple and modern UI 

      Why are we doing this?

      We receive lots of great feedback from our customers on how we should improve issue search in Jira. One of the top items that caused confusion was the disparity in the user experience between advanced search and project "issues" tab. Moreover, our customers want the search to be more user friendly and powerful, we need to modernise the tech stack of search to make that happen. 

      What to expect next?

      To keep you informed, we will use this issue to communicate the progress of our work. Please WATCH this ticket to stay updated on the latest.

      How do I enable the issue navigator in my team-managed projects ?

      You can enable issue navigator via the features page under team-managed project settings in Jira Cloud. After you have enabled the issue navigator, Issues will appear in the sidebar on the left.

      What will happen to my marketplace apps ?

      To ensure a smooth transition of marketplace apps, we ran a testing program to allow time for app developers to transition to the new issue navigator. 

      What about the issues that currently exist in Advanced search?

      A lot of the issues with advanced search are getting fixed and you can try the fixed out today in the new issue navigator. An example is JRACLOUD-76031 Unify the scrollbar appearance on different platforms.  More documentation on the new issue navigator here


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