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Show or hide field in portal based on another field value


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Update 29th June 2021:

      Hi all,

      *This ticket is effectively a duplicate of https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSDCLOUD-178.* 

      The message on the above ticket is: 

      Following our announcement of acquisition of ThinkTilt, makers of Proforma, we are now planning out our integration of Proforma into Jira Service Management, which will resolve this ticket need. 

      We will update as we know more about timing, but expect several months for this integration to take place. 

      So happy to be updating this ticket and moving forward on this!

      All the best,

      Liron Deutsch

      Principal Product Manager, Jira Service Management


      As an admin I would like to show additional fields in the customer portal when creating an issue. The fields should be hidden by default and will appear based on input into fields that show by default.

      Example Use Cases:

      • Multi select custom field 'Reason' has 'Other' value. If it is selected, a text box custom field appears and customer is required to type in a comment
      • Date custom field 'Due Date' is not required. If Due date is filled in a multi select custom field 'reason' appears and is required


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