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Ability to reorder comments, issue history, work logs and transition by asc/desc




      Status Update 15 April 2021 - 20:00 UT

      How the shipped solution works....

      When Sorted "newest first" , the comment will display in the following manner. When user try to add a new comment, the comment box will move up right on top of the "latest comment" so you can see the latest comment as you type in new ones. 
      [Comment 1] (newest/latest comment)
      [Comment 2]
      [Comment 5]
      (click to see 100 older comments)


      When sorted "Oldest First", the comment will display in the following manner
      [comment 1] (oldest comment)


      [comment 4]

      [comment 5](5th oldest comment)

      (click here to see 100 newer comment)

      Additional Notes:

      • "newest first" will be the default, If a user never selected a preference on the sort order.
      • To see the latest "batch" of comments, please select "newest first". In this view, you'll read your latest/newest 5 comment "top-down". This is a bit different behaviour than in the "old view" - where you'll select "oldest first" and read the latest/newest 5 comment "bottom-up"


      Atlassian Update - 14 October 2020

      Hi everyone, thank you for your interest surrounding this ticket. Before we begin transitioning all users to the new issue view on 31 March, 2021, we’ll be solving this problem. Watch this ticket for updates as we progress and please add a comment for any questions you may have.

      Problem Definition

      In the old issue view, it was possible to order/re-order the following issue tabs:

      • History
      • Work log
      • Transition
      • Comments

      Suggested Solution

      • Allow users to toggle between viewing these tabs/sections using ascending or descending order

      Why this is important

      • Some users prefer an ascending list - or the option to toggle between the different ordering(newest to oldest vs. oldest to newest)


      • No known workarounds


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