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Ability to reorder comments, issue history, work logs and transition by asc/desc




      Status Update 19 May 2021 - 20:00 UT

      Hi all, based on your feedbacks from our first release, our team realized that we have accidentally taken away some important use cases, as part of our intend to standardize a “true sort” between comments and other tabs. Thus, we’ve made additional changes to the “comment section” which will be rolled out in the upcoming days. The Atlassian team would like to thank you again for the patience and apologies again for the frustration and inconvenience such delay has caused.

      TLDR: the comment section should largely resemble display/collapse behaviour in the old issue view which is “latest 5 comments always shown” and “oldest comments always collapsed/hidden”.

      • This means when you select “oldest first” instead of displaying the oldest 5 comments and collapsing most recent ones, you’ll see the most recent 5 comment displayed oldest to newest with the older comments always collapsed. The reason for this change is because (1) we found having oldest comments always displayed isn’t useful for majority of our users (2) many users value/miss the ability to quickly/efficiently navigate to the latest comment in the same vertical space (i.e. bottom of the page) regardless of which issue they’re looking at
      • When you select “newest first” the behaviour stays how it is today. In particular, the “add comment” field will always sticked above the comments, to make sure the latest comment is always close/in-view while you type in new comments, regardless of your sort order. This is different than in the old view, which when sorted “newest first” the comment box would stick to the bottom of the page, further away from the latest comment
      • In addition, we’ve also made it more efficient by reducing the number of clicks needed to switch sort order, by changing it to a button rather than a drop down.

      Meanwhile, the “worklog” and “history” view display will stay as it is today.


      Atlassian Update - 14 October 2020

      Hi everyone, thank you for your interest surrounding this ticket. Before we begin transitioning all users to the new issue view on 31 March, 2021, we’ll be solving this problem. Watch this ticket for updates as we progress and please add a comment for any questions you may have.

      Problem Definition

      In the old issue view, it was possible to order/re-order the following issue tabs:

      • History
      • Work log
      • Transition
      • Comments

      Suggested Solution

      • Allow users to toggle between viewing these tabs/sections using ascending or descending order

      Why this is important

      • Some users prefer an ascending list - or the option to toggle between the different ordering(newest to oldest vs. oldest to newest)


      • No known workarounds


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