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More control over PDF exporting


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      I'd really like to have more control over how PDF's are generated. The view I see on screen and the PDF that gets generated can be very different. Also, strangely, the PDF's end up 8.26 x 11.69 inches in size instead of the standard 8.5 x 11. Weird...

      Anyway these are issues I see:

      • The fonts are way too large. They look at least 50% larger than they ought to be. Maybe this can be controlled with some xml files or something but the default is pretty extreme. The results are just so different from what I see on the screen. Anyway I'd like to have an option to control the zoom of the final rendering to PDF (and a way to configure the global default as an admin in prefs).
      • Formatting is different. It looks like everything in the PDF is justified alignment, but the Confluence page is left-justified. They should be the same (and I prefer left justification) or at least have an option to control.
      • Headers and footers should be configurable with some simple macros for the top/bottom left/center/right portions (Page %p|Doc generated by Confluence version %v|%date) etc. Maybe make it global prefs for this, or local on export of the PDF.
      • Whether or not to show certain elements such as the "This page last changed on Oct 14", "Posted by sbilas", the page body, the comments section etc. should be configurable.
      • In the particular case of "This page last changed", have a "show last x changes" in the options when I export so that if it's 0, the section is gone, but if it's > 0 then it shows a little grid of who changed the page and when.

        elements should probably wrap. I have a very long line that's just extending off the page.

      Lots of suggestions in one bug, I'm sorry.

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