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      Confluence is missing one very important feature: there's no way to set the order of the pages. When I create a document, pages are kidnof chapters in that document and chapters must be ordered in a specific order, not alphabetically, as confluence does now.

      I tried to hack it a little bit, and would create special prefixed names for the chaptes:
      1. Chapter 1
      2. Chapter 2
      3. Chapter 3

      even though it really sucks (as if you want to insert a page you need to go and rename all the pages after the position you are inserting at, manually) it worked to give some ordering to the All Pages list and helped avoiding the creation of manual index page.

      But it still does not work. When I export to PDF, the page names are exported as a PDF index (very handy) but I can not figure out what is the ordering used. It is not even alphabetical, and definitely not anything I can set So my hack failed there.

      I think a lot of Confluence users will agree that it is crucial to have ability of setting page ordering in some comfortable way. I also use JIRA and there ordering (of say, issue report fields) is implemented in a very comfortable, user-friendly way. Introducing a feature like that, in Confluence, for pages, would be very much appreciated.

      Also, the


      macro is giving an overly complicated thing. Getting a simple index (alternative tag?) that would just list pages by order - would help.


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