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Relative Link tags, at least within spaces...


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It would be useful to have <link rel...> tags on pages, blog posts, etc., at least within spaces.

      As well as being just generally useful, especially in browsers like Linx and Opera, it is of huge benefit to people with disabilities.

      A concise list of the various tags can be found here:


      Note: There may be more complete references out there, so please check

      Here are some draft ponderings over what the tags would be used for:

      Bookmark - multiple instances to list the anchors in a page (eg. headings)

      Copyright - Not overly useful, but nice to have. Ability to set default copyright for a site, then override in each space and even on each page.

      Help - Should be defined in space admin - eg. we create a page called Online Help so we specify that for the space. When adding pages, attachments, etc., if there is any related help then it should be automatic (eg. notation guide when adding a page).

      Glossary - Should be defined in space admin as either a page title (eg. you create a page called Glossary and list all the terms) but also allow a URL in case there is an external glossary. (FYI, our company is currently working on a glossary system for confluence which we hope to upload to CONFEXT in the next few months).

      Home - The defined home page for a space, as specified already in space admin.

      Index - The Alphabetical Index witin a space (already there, just need the link tag)

      Next / Previous - If the page has siblings, these will be used. If it's a news post, then the links should take you to the next/previous news post.

      ToC - The Site Map (tree view) within a space (already there, just need the link tag)

      Up - If the page is in a hierarchy, it will be the parent page. If the page is an orphan, it will be the list of orphan pages. A news post will take you to the day/month/year above it. If you are on the home page, it will take you to the dashboard.

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