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Tables in PDF Exports have the same width for every column. Width should be appropriate to the column content.


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      When creating a table, it shows up with dynamic width columns on the HTML page, but when you export the page to PDF, the columns end up all the same width. This looks horrible when one column is "project number" and has 4 characters in it and the next column is "description" and has 7 lines of wrapped text because both columns are the same width in the PDF.

      To reproduce, create a table like this on a page and export to PDF:

      Project Date Description
      1234 4-Apr-06 This is a very long description that I am typing in this column as an example of the ugly formatting when you export a table to PDF. Is there any way to format the PDF so the first two columns are skinny and the last one is wide (the way it appears in a browser). Thanks.

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