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Various improvements to PDF export




      This email was recieved from Ronald Schwarz

      > The PDF is 4 MB. I made a table of defective pages to accompany the PDF.
      > I believe you should see the wiki markup of the pages in the CosmoCom
      > Confluence site to understand the problems.
      > Pages Problem
      > All Pages are produced in A4 size. Need letter size for American
      > market.
      > 7-19 Indented link entries in Table of Contents (manually generated)
      > appear in separate boxes.
      > 25-30 Table columns are of equal size. In Confluence the sizes are
      > unequal because the columns fit the contents - this is how they should
      > appear in the PDF. Long text strings overlap table boundaries. Code
      > text overlaps code macro boundaries (used indent macros).
      > 62-68 There is a pseudo table effect: Items in code macros are
      > boxed. Text items look like table cells printed only the right half of
      > each cell.
      > 75-78 Text strings extend beyond table and page boundaries. Text
      > string extends beyond code macro.
      > 88 See Conf-7175.
      > 89 Long string overruns page boundary.
      > 108-109 Right side boundary of code macro coincides with right side
      > boundary of important note. (In confluence the code is entirely and
      > symmetrically enclosed in the note.)
      > 225-226 The table is illegible. Column two text overlaps column
      > three text.
      > 289-291 Code text overlaps right side boundary.
      > 292-294 Text following the CIF and QCIF headings should not be in
      > boxes. There is an XML problem on page 293: an extra bullet appears.
      > 328-329 Table row is split across pages.
      > 368 XML problem: two extra bullets appear.
      > 405-406 Bulleted text in table appears in boxes.
      > 489 The footnote looks like a row of a two column table.


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