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Allow Editing of Fields through the Service Desk Request


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As a JIRA Service Desk user, I'd like to edit system and custom fields after creating the Service Desk request through the Customer Portal.

      This is necessary in case a piece of information is incorrectly entered while creating it, or if any changes are needed to be made to the existing info. Otherwise, I'd need to go to the JIRA issue to modify it (as an agent).

      Also, fields in the customer portal are not shown unless they have a value populated.

      Workaround: Use Forms

      The forms functionality available in JSM since Jan 2022 allows for Jira fields included in the form to be updated after the request is created. Learn more about forms

      In summary the process works like this

      Form Setup

      • Build the forms under Project Settings > Forms. Learn how
      • Link the form to a Request Type in the Form Builder > Settings. Learn how

      Request Created

      • The customer fills out the form when they create the request. When the form is submitted it also populates any linked Jira fields.
      • After submitting the request, the customer can see the SUBMITTED form. As the form is submitted, the customer cannot change the contents of it.

      KEY STEP: Reopen and update the form contents

      • From the issue view the agent spots the mistake and chooses to REOPEN the form. Learn how
      • Now that the from is OPEN the customer can edit the contents of the form from the Customer Portal.
      • When the customer is done updating the form they again SUBMIT it. The form and the contents of linked Jira fields will be updated.

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