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Edit issue details in customer portal


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      Atlassian Update – 22 December 2022

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your engagement with this suggestion.

      We have identified that this ticket is a duplicate of JSDSERVER-93 Allow editing of fields / details through the service project request (post-creation), which has a larger number of votes and watchers. Given this, we will be closing this ticket to ensure that future engagement flows to a single suggestion and gives a more accurate representation of customer demand. The existing comments on this ticket are extremely helpful for the JSM product team and will be preserved for future reference. Thank you for all of the information you have provided to date - we understand that there is a strong need for this functionality.

      Please follow JSDSERVER-93 for further updates in the future.

      Kind regards,

      Charlie Marriott

      Jira Service Management, Data Center

      The customer should be able to edit the details of a issue afterwards in the customer portal. Maybe he doesn't have all the information at the time of the creation and wants to add more infos later to the issue.
      It would also be great if the fields of the details view are displayed on the side in the customer portal and not at the end of the conversation.

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