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Ability to dismiss or disable Smart Card behavior for links



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      Atlassian Update - 19 May 2020

      Hi all! My name’s Jonno and I’m the Product Manager that works on the Smart Link feature. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As we’re continuing to improve this feature, understanding use cases like all of yours is super important. From this thread, the three main asks are:  

      • Give admins more control around Smart Link behaviour
      • Give content creators more flexibility around how they do or don’t use Smart Links when inserting links
      • Give content consumers (i.e. those reading links) the ability to set preferences around Smart Link behaviour 

      For all three areas, we don’t currently have short term plans but are actively investigating what we could do. We’ll keep this ticket updated as we know more.
      As as side note, for users who want to insert a simple URL instead of a Smart Link on insertion, there is an alternative approach you can take - simply paste a URL then click CMD + Z (macOS) or CTRL + Z (Windows) once it resolves. 
      Thanks again for your feedback. If anyone would like to talk directly to me about this feature and your needs, you can book a time to chat over Zoom here - https://calendly.com/jkatahanas/editor
      Jonno Katahanas | Atlassian Product Manager


      In Confluence Cloud New Editor, when inserting links from certain services (e.g. Box.com, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Invision, Trello, Bitbucket, Github, etc.) the link is automatically converted to a Smart Card link.

      This occurs even when attempting to insert a link as a text link only.

      For some of these services, a message, Connect your account to preview links, displays.


      Many users do not want to use the Smart Card behavior here or do not wish to connect their accounts. They simply want to insert a link to the resources.


      1. In the Link menu, provide the ability to disable Smart Card behavior for that link specifically, or
      2. Provide a way to dismiss the Connect your account to preview links message besides connecting your account.


      When inserting the link, be sure to use http:// instead of https://. The Smart Card feature will not be activated, and upon visiting the URL, it will automatically redirect to https:// for these services.

      Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Cmd + Z (macOS) (to revert the link to a normal blue link).


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