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Trying to undo a SmartLink causes the page to become unresponsive


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    • Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.

      Atlassian update - 02 May 2022

      Hey everyone!

      Thank you all for your valuable feedback, and special thanks to those who have reached out directly and participated in user testing sessions with us.

      I’m happy to announce that we going to provide you with the following solution:

      • Every user will be able to set 'URL’ as their default insertion format instead of the smart link format
      • Every user will be able to set this for either all non-Atlassian URLs, or only for specific domains, so that you have the option to continue using some smart links you find useful, but not others
      • This setting will overwrite the default insertion format, but still allows you to upgrade your links to smart links after you've inserted them
      • This setting will be effective across all Atlassian products you are authenticated with (e.g. Jira, Confluence, Trello).

      What are we not doing?

      • Admins will not yet be able to perform this setting for all their users. That’s because we want to respect the preference of each content creator. There's a related ticket on this request that you can follow and vote for.
      • Smart Links can’t be turned off from a reader's perspective - if the creator of a link inserted a link as a smart link, you will see it as a smart link. That’s because we want to respect content the way it was intended by the author.

      Some of you have raised concerns about the security and privacy of our smart links. When conducting our user research we found that in many cases that’s because users believe that when they connect their 3rd party account (e.g. Google Drive) it will also connect it for other users. It is important to understand that when you connect to a 3rd party app and authenticate with it, that connection exists for only you. So, if you authenticate with your 3rd party account (e.g. Google Drive) and insert a link, other users will not automatically be able see that link's information, unless they have also authenticated with the service themselves and have got the permissions required to see it.

      We hope that the proposed solution will make working with smart links easier for you, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

      Andre | Product Manager, Linking Platform

      Atlassian update - 06 April 2022

      Hi everyone!

      We've been listening to your feedback, concerns and ideas to improve our Smart Link solution and realised that especially in recent months more and more users were unhappy with the feature. We appreciate all your feedback, and special thanks to those who have used the opportunity to book in with me, to help us understand the problems better so we can find the best solution.

      I'm happy to announce that we have prioritzed this issue and are going to work on a solution soon. You can expect an update with details about the solution by the end of April.

      Thank you again for your active contribution to help us make our products better!

      Andre | Product Manager, Linking Platform

      Hi all!

      We are currently looking into different solutions that can address the problems you are experiencing working with Smart Links.

      There are different reasons to why the current experience is not ideal for some of your use cases, and we want to make sure we are addressing the most pressing problems first. Some solutions require more time than others, and we want to make sure we can improve the experience incrementally while exploring further possibilities.

      I'm happy to announce that you will soon have the option to bypass the Smart Link experience using Cmd+Shift+V when inserting links. We are in the process of implementation and I will update you all once it's available to you.

      From the feedback we've received, we know that this will be helpful for many of you, although not the ideal solution for everyone - please know we will continue to explore further. We've received a lot of feedback on the experience of typing text that automatically turns into Smart Links (e.g. when typing file names, domain names or formats) - we will be exploring solutions for these use cases next.

      If you want to take a bigger role in helping us build better products, or just want some face-to-face time to express your ideas, please feel free to book in some time with me via https://calendly.com/andremauritz/smart-links-feedback.

      Thank you again for all your feedback.

      Andre | Product Manager, Linking Platform

      Hi folks! Just updating you that we have picked this up and have started implementing a solution, which should solve most of the problems mentioned here. Expect an update on this post in a couple of weeks.

      Andre | Product Manager, Linking Platform

      Hi all! 
      A quick update from the Jira issue and Smart Links teams.

      Firstly, thanks for your ongoing, candid feedback. Please rest assured that we are closely monitoring your feedback and discussing internally. 

      I understand this issue is increasingly causing challenges for our users. I'm currently working with our Smart Links team to explore this problem space to better understand nearer term improvements. 

      I'll continue to update this ticket as I have more to share. 

      Venkatesh | Jira Issue PM

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for voting and commenting on this issue. Your feedback is key to helping us understand how you use Jira so we can continue improving your experience. We have reviewed this issue over the last few days, however there are not currently any plans to implement this suggestion.

      While we understand the logic for wanting to have different default options, our current focus is on making the unfurl states of Smart Links richer both inside and outside the editor across our products. Based off customer feedback, this is where we believe it’s most necessary to focus our efforts in the short-term.

      In the meantime, you can change the Smart Link back to a normal url by clicking on the Smart Link in edit mode, and selecting “Display URL” from the toolbar dropdown.

      We will continue to track this ticket and feedback across our various customer channels. Please remember that jira.atlassian.com is one of many inputs for the Jira roadmap. You can learn more about our process here.

      I understand that our decision may be disappointing. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Venkatesh Vasudevan
      Product Manager, Jira Cloud


      Problem Definition

      On the new issue view, whenever you paste a link on the Description or comment field, Jira initiates a Smart Link that will attempt to preview this link. It shows the below link "Connect to preview link"


      Allow an option to be able to disable the Smart link by providing a "turn off/on" Smart link button, either on the Instance as a whole or on per Issue basis.


      Note: Current workarounds only apply when creating a smart link. As a user viewing a smart link there is no current workaround.

      In order to remove the Smart link from rendering on the new issue view.

      • Paste the Google link for example, once it renders to preview the link
      • Press Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Cmd + Z (MacOS) (this will revert the link to a normal blue link)

      Alternative workaround:

      • When inserting the link, be sure to use http:// instead of [https://|https:]. The Smart Card feature will not be activated, and upon visiting the URL, it will automatically redirect to https:// for these services.

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